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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Obsessed Memories" (Full Mastered Version)

"Obsessed Memories"(Full Mastered Version)
by Arcassin Burnham

...And when the sun has shined,
back then,
really had alot going for me at the time,
she was the only one that stayed on my mind,
and just to find a sence of chance,i was so blind,
to see that she could never love a boy , with a blank life,
suicide whispered in my ear at the hands of my story,
fled off my tears , and took all my glory,
and at the time,
wasnt cool enough to tell tall-tail stories,
but i had many things, to please them all before me,
misunderstood black kid,
searching for a purpose,
cause his mother utterlly kept secrets, to keep him nervous and hurtin'  got a long road ahead , but you gotta watch the serpant,
man , i  dont want to live ,
closing down the curtains.

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