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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"....Im In The Band" (Photo By Jennabel Quinn)

                                                       ".............iM WITH THE BAND"
                                             BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM 
                                                                   PHOTO BY JANNABEL QUINN

You were the lead singer ,
had my heart beating like drums,
hardcore , making all the right decisions,
you rock the house,
now my body's numb,
Jenni's what they call her,
all the times they shout her in a brave,
but thats was her stage name,
i dont even know your name,
i feel so ashamed,
she looked out into the crowd,
and touched my hand,
and jumped into the pit,
rose by her flew to the ground,
but after the show ,
i ran back ,
and picked up the rose,
remembered she wasnt coming back,
so i kept that rose.

dedicated to Paramore

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