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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"EVOL(LOVE)" (Full Version)

BY Arcassin Burnham

she stole the way for me ,
she made it possible,
and then she tells me,
that loving her is impossible,
she had too many blessings,
she knew just how i felt,
caught up in the moment,
now shes dealing what she dealt,
i can feel the beat of your heart,
leaving me alone,
now we right back to the start,
falling off the top , she moans,
caught her in the act tonight,
cant believe i trusted her,
she just lost a good guy,
and good love all in one night,
but the middle of her fore-head was imprinted with a symbols fly,
she a creeper,
love is evil,
you wont believe it,
the devil achieves it,
Adultry , break-up's, and widows,
cheating flys right out the window,
of love.

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