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Friday, September 27, 2013

"His Love Is Gone" (Full Version)

"His Love Is Gone" (Full Version)
by Arcassin B

his origins is the most beautiful,
the creation came for hours,
little lucifer was born,
to bring light to even funerals,
light up the world to grow flowers,
amazing grace he gave you life,
but i guess it all ended,
when you needed the power,
not long before you were born,
already going against his wishes,
i guess he makes no mistakes,
but the making of you,
would have turned out so great,
if you didnt lose your mind,
and you didnt waste his gift,
that was you,
but instead you had a different choise in mind,
make a quick rebellion,
you must want it bad,
had several followers,
like you, they were mad,
hope he didnt fail you,
while banishing you from this place,

....then you slowly change,

...along with your followers,
the world is about to change,
hell is born,
dont igknowledge worlds.

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