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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"~pulling me under~"

"~pulling me under~"
By Arcassin Burnham

Let me tell you what it is,
We empty bottles with this energy for emptying our memories
With tragedies that haunt us even when we don't rarely have demons
But they hide to wait for us to fuck up day and night like we don't have more
Things going on our lives to carry burdens like the Dickens in our churches where
The warlocks hide and wait for daily service , do you get it now?
Love and hate from critism is just jealousy like pull me under.
Love and hate from critism is just jealousy like pull me under.

Rushing noted writes to get out all the feelings working hard to make a living in a 
Hateful town in a corrupted country and the city full of dummies thinking
What they have is in anyway remotely better for everyone else so they follow them,
I don't get it.


Don't serve false prophets,
So get up off it,
You so have lost it,
You need to stop it.

Your heart is just as cold as space.
If you plan to die a million ways.
On the floor with my head to a grave.
If death is what I merely crave.

Don't pull me under,
I'm just a messenger,
Life's getting lesser,
Than people prefer,
From all the fakers,
The truth is deeper,
Don't be a sleeper,
To what lies under,
These days we suffer,
More than another,
Sisters and brothers,
Pray to the beyonder..

"Know your heart like no one does".

- Arcassin B.

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