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Thursday, August 3, 2017


By Arcassin Burnham

Caught up in another situation,
with another situation, problems stack on top of problems,
in a world where the animals run free and not complain about
the things that overwhelm us,
how do we even help us?
more people put themselves in lingo than the teens that commit suicide,
wanna live a hard death in agony ? you decide,
don't look surprised everytime when I'm in my household,
broken promises with every  friend  that I've ever told,
looking for some peace in my life instead trouble found me,
still have incurable illnesses but you can't down me,
 still stay in a neighborhood where everybody wanna defend the crown and
turn up in the city,
everything I've ever worked for everybody tries to ruin it,
laugh in my face and think it's okay to influence it,
started from nothing and I'm still nothing,
in a corrupted world, man ain't life funny.

Life is a game I'm sure i'm not even playing,
and I when reminisce on those hardships I love praying,
I use to blame him for everything that went on in small spacing,
life after death , lord please take my soul from repenting,
there ain't no , time for comfort,
can't tell the light from the thunder,
there are things in this world that'll leave your brain full of wonder,
helping the helplessness will get you a place in the clouds,
i wanna pass my wisdom to my child,
Thats what I need to defend.

"Hold on to things that keep you going".

- Arcassin B.

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