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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WINGS : The Awakening (Official)

W   I   N   G   S :
T H E  A W A K E N I N G

1. I See Now (intro)

Doing well for yourself, you're on top of the world,
Son you could do anything,
Gain the confidence,
Use to be on the offense til you got your life I'm check,
Had bad days that you won't forget....
You use to fall , but now your all set,

I use to spend every waking moment going through a nightmare,
And the other moments trying to forget it,
I said that I would the absolute greatest in here,
I am the anomaly of myself so deal with it,
So you-see-now,

2. Sweet Nothings (ft. Pretty Brd)

**AB**: I was raised to not hurt a woman on any circumstances 
Even asserting myself as dominant and setting boundaries for
The both of us,
It comes with trust,
**PB**: Unity draws lines together, in lieu of that, I'm left nonplussed

**PB**: For equal, we walk hand in hand Building a life with shards 
of love and strands of hope Shaping a future, 
we two, 
**AB**: aiming to see a couple like us fly , don't cut our feathers,

**AB**: whispering but not talking at all, only to your soul and
Your mind to a depth and an abyss of a broken past between us
Don't mean a thing,
**PB**: Echoes of the the mockingbird sing,

**PB**: Reflections of rubble forged into bricks A foundation
greater than the pieces of we On which the house of love was built,
**AB**: I've loved you since my great depression and when your time
Stood still.

3. Never Coming Back

If I was hard on myself like am now ,
She would have been reframed from this some how,
Their minds are gullible like purposely tipped cows,
I got no time for your smart mouth,
Like That they say to me,
I once had chemistry,
With someone into me,
She was a beauty queen,
With some broken dreams,
Momma had stronger genes....
I loved her blue jeans,
The way she treated me.....
Never come back to me,
memories come back to me,

If she's smarter than she was like she is now,
She would never ever come back to this lost town,
So I don't have to hear her lecture when she's not around,
I got no time for your smart mouth,
Like That they say to me,
I once had chemistry,
With someone into me,
She was a beauty queen,
With some broken dreams,
Momma had stronger genes....
I loved her blue jeans,
The way she treated me.....
Never come back to me,
memories come back to me,
Cause I don't got no Time.

4. Oh! Purpose (How Could You Be Any Useful)

Was superstitions about the wrong doings I've gathered up
In my memory to be the victim of my own demise of keeping
Secrets and perpetuating lies to the people that deserve love 
even when they don't in hopes to see another day by God's wishes 
Making everything seem clear as it was all along in the beginning 
Of their births,
Everyday we know our worth,
The last thing we wanna feel is hurt,
Don't end up buried in the dirt,
Without a proper last word,
I feel bad for this poor earth.

5. Ya Might As Well (ft. Dr.Strange)

**AB**:Washed up is my middle name from all the
Goals of being worthless in this life and taking
Orders from a dead society,
I was always a loser even when I could not do
All the things  I've always set out be,
The end of energy,
**DS**: it seems my entire existence has been a false reality  As I claw my eyes out hoping I can't feel what I can't see  Mainly the society that always magnified the worse of me  Labeling me as loser before I could even breathe  Disbanding my dream to be great before it even manifested itself as a dream  So what's the point anymore  Life is as hopeless as it seems,
**AB**: trying to redefine all of our pedigrees and our innocence,
Praying to the Lord in our church's for the extra help to keep our
Jobs and maintain the confidentiality to stay from bad things,
You do you and I do me ain't rap lyrics, it means something,
Working for the man ain't easy but it's something,
I had a temporary love for crafting things into my own image
When I was in God's image and learning his sons sacrifice to
Make it right for all of us especially the good people with moral
Values and heightened awareness of the things that creep on this
Planet's surface,
Can be as stable,
And you,
Can make it right,
Why don't you just start tonight,
Ya might as well, til judgment day.

6. Maybe This Will Be My Cure 

Am I alive or just breathing in a dead corpse,
The silence is where my heart use to be,
God coming through for me,
Harvested the honey tree,
O! How I was just a simpleton to everyone's superiority
In bashfulness and unloyalty,
But I'm me,
What about you,
Like what about you,
I don't like you,
You didn't believe in me when I was kicked down on the 
Ground with a hundred feet stomping me,
Doing things for myself is always the best company,
I wondered what I would've done if I hadn't been just doing
Things for me,
It's the best cup of tea,
That myself gave to me ....... of that makes any sense,
I don't know maybe this is my cure after all.

7. We'll Make It  (ft. Olivia Kent)

**AB**:Wasn't sure how you would take it when I said i
Didn't need ya,
*OK*: I cried myself to sleep, my pillow wet with tears deep,
You left me broken, now I'm choking,
**AB**: young , wild , and free like the day of dawn or from
What I can gather , that's how you felt,
*OK*: So glad you're free , I was you bird just let me be , just
The end of what it was because....
**AB**: I'm a mess in disguise with a burden so big that you
need a microscope to see the how empty I am inside like the
Rot of an apple in your hands as it does when you make poor
Decisions in beautiful virtues, it always comes back to haunt
Something *OK*: Called love has destroyed my soul, 
I'm fighting to beat it, 
makes no sense at all, 
your core is so rotten the worms doth feast and they've got pangs of hunger, refuse to retreat,
**AB**: We'll Make it through this, I know we can as life
Could have many feats.

8. Magic Spells

...And still today I'm sitting in my own personal
Hell awaiting your touch blazed in a firey mist of
Bullshit of my list of mistakes that I've dealt with
Cause life's what I made it out to be, turning the
Other cheek to every situation that follows me,
Reflecting the doubts and opinions that creep with
I see beauty in every direction and corner that forms
A sense of freedom for all of us to share running
Through the trees,


The witches brew running all over your skin,
Mixing up the potion just to settle world's end,
I wish we could have made it a lot better then,
We're at ground zero and there's really no defense.

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