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Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Sweet Nothings" (ft. Pretty Brd) - (Featured On "WINGS : The Awakening" coming May 9th)

"Sweet Nothings"
By Arcassin B. & Pretty Brd

**AB**: I was raised to not hurt a woman on any circumstances 
Even asserting myself as dominant and setting boundaries for
The both of us,
It comes with trust,
**PB**: Unity draws lines together, in lieu of that, I'm left nonplussed

**PB**: For equal, we walk hand in hand Building a life with shards 
of love and strands of hope Shaping a future, 
we two, 
**AB**: aiming to see a couple like us fly , don't cut our feathers,

**AB**: whispering but not talking at all, only to your soul and
Your mind to a depth and an abyss of a broken past between us
Don't mean a thing,
**PB**: Echoes of the the mockingbird sing,

**PB**: Reflections of rubble forged into bricks A foundation
greater than the pieces of we On which the house of love was built,
**AB**: I've loved you since my great depression and when your time
Stood still.

W   I   N   G   S :
T H E  A W A K E N I N G

May 9th

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