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Friday, October 14, 2016

"Chloroform & Novacaine / Pass Due / Lead Me Through A Dream"

"Chloroform & Novacaine /Pass Due/Lead Me Through A Dream"
 By Arcassin Burnham

Seeing things in my past behind me, Know you couldn't
Find me,
haven't slept good for many days due to finding timing,
It's never perfect , it's never worth it just to get in trouble,
I stay inside and I humble myself in the matrix struggle,
Until I see , external life then I'll remain distant,
Inside a game , I know I'm not playing to feel his presence,
It's not okay , the eagles will fly but the vultures listen,
I spoke too soon , the flowers still bloom in this perfect sentence,
Numb my Body Lord , numb my Body.


Beauty in so many words......
To say,
Life that can be expressed without meaning, 
But Has to pay,
Cant stay up for the rest your life wondering when something will come ,
You gotta get even with life,
it can't be any more unusual that life treats you
So unfair when there are 5 thousand other people 
with the same problem,
See! You never get any sleep when 
You talk to yourself, 
Drying out the wounds of a broken past,
And killing yourself ,
Look what you've become......
Your years of being unforsaken has been passed, 
Please leave me as a boy and let me die a man.


A child's laughter spreading love 
And joy,
This wicked world likes to play us
Like used toys,
All the little girls and boys see the new days of this 
Don't like institutions, 
What was your resolution? 
Everybody wants to have the jewels and the
Money but not stable to put in work,
When times get rough and you feel you have to
End it, you gotta know your worth,

Your heart lays sick in the birth of a flower blooming
Life into all of the people that feel weary in the mist Of 
Being born into a wicked twisted world run by people
That don't really give a care about the less fortunate 
That struggle for the simple things,
What will this bring?
Lead me through a dream filled with roses and chaos.

"Expressing Feelings In 3 Different Ways".

- Arcassin B.

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