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Monday, March 28, 2016

"Silver Rain Pt.1"

"Silver Rain Pt 1"

By Arcassin Burnham

Emerald blue is the color of your energy
Piercing through the diamond valley we
We're not invited to,
To just enlighten me,
would be a sight to See like when Superman 
flies around the Planet vastly and so majestic 
like horses And fossils that get left behind,
I told you that I'll be fine,
From my prospective  I'd just be a quarter to a
I got you all figured out,
All and about,
Like what are you about,
Sign, sealed and delivered from peace,
I was always on the couch,
Drawing my heart out,
Looking for a different way that I could
See my past rest in peace,
I got,
Family and a couple of trinkets,
It was,
Long nights and couple of blankets,
About moving to another state,
Where's there's, 
less crimes and a drug rate.......

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