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Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Give Me What I Want"

"Give Me What I Want"

By Arcassin Burnham

I sleep and I sleep til the pigs fly And 
land in a sea of their assisters Feces,
Or like how every girl in school wants
To be penetrated , but the reason they 
Can't see,
Stay tired and covered up all in your
Feelings when no one will give up
The seed,
Human flesh is a tamable thing,
It no longer matters when we all
Just bleed,

So give me what I want and all I want
Is a chance to give back to my family
While succeeding in my mistakes,
I plan on making a living for a mistake
Like myself,
I might be up on the come up but I am
Needing no help,
Take my shirt off for Cara delevingnes,
I stick my neck out for this teenage Poetry,
There's nothing wrong with that,
I'm on full attack,
I pray the Lord that he will give me good
I write what I feel by all means,
Even living in hell is poetry,
But when the odds are stacked,
The wall touches your back,
Life or death it doesn't matter to me.

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