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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Rough Backwards Time Travel" (Ft. Wolf Spirit aka Quin Finn)

"Rough Backwards Time Travel" (ft. wolf spirit 


Coming home to a city full of hateful people there,
That ain't fun,
I needed time , 
but time was ruined and spared,
My friends use to be chill,
But now carry around guns,
If only I could rewind,
Back to a time,
When everything was fine,
When everything didn't cost so much,
All you needed was quarters , nickels and dimes,
Not like today,
When my mother doesn't have the time,
Looking at it,
Like I'll never have a better future,
But so it told,
And with hate,
They want to introduce exposure,
To a world of bad memories,
Life full of enemies,
I wish I could make it better,
By time traveling.


i remember baby ruths for a fifth of a quarter
when the streets didn't need all this law and order
when martin luther appeased the masses
and the politicians didn't show their asses
when kennedy gave all of us hope
and the whole world wasn't high on dope
i like the woolworths reataurant
the five and dime was my favorite haunt
and the only thugs who carried guns
were the mafia know the ones
i think this world is at full scream
somehow we lost that american dream
and if i had one wish i would unravel
time as we know it for that backward travel.

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