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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"2015 is coming"

I don't know how I made it far this long in this condition,
Is the year ending or did I forget to mention,
The silence says a thousand,
And the words are spoken in Spanish,
You think you could pull the race card faster than you could manage,
Grip that soap,
Your a bitch if you drop it or not,
Federals killing blacks,
Now everybody has a quick route,
Joining one group,
Then quitting it to save one,
Recon against you,
Then that one you had was on the run,
Ignorant ass females picking on you in GED,
Even adults,
They weren't in it for the same thing,
That's why karma got to them,
Before I ever did,
Pathetic as your existence,
Not knowing where you live,
I had about 6 girlfriends this year,
And all them were fakes,
They use you when they need you,
Then say you made a big mistake,
Im here to take my crown back,
Won't let you step on me,
Not this time,
I'm growing up,
I need some tats on me,
Life is too damn short,
To be overruling,
Everybody brace yourselves,
20/15 is coming.

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