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Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Tara Pt. 6"

By Arcassin Burnham

Salted coffins,
Often pulling me back,
The more your skin softens,
After changing the channels of taking you back,
Honey suckles on your back,
Taste so sweet , that's a fact,
Purs like the famous black cat,
Didn't even occur to you,
That I wanted you,
Just holding you,
In gold and silver plated virtues,
Just so you wont die alone,
I'm always empty without you,
Didn't want long distance,
But with you , have to get it when its due,
And even though I paid some,
You make my heart go numb,
Everybody gotta have their cake spilling crumbs,
But I loved you,
You knew I was good with that,
And for the sixth time,
I had to make you realize that,
Slit my wrist,
When you don't reply,
Can't stand this shit,
I wanna die,
But then I won't see your face,
So your love keeps me alive.

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