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Monday, November 17, 2014

"A Sad Song / Sorrow's Collective"

By Arcassin Burnham

Made me laugh when you were alive,
Maybe I just need a piece of mind,
When you went away I wasn't there,
You said you love me I didn't even care,
.pile of my clothes and some gasoline,
You said if I didn't love you this the last you'll see,
So I gave you all my time and a couple trogens,
Even got us engaged when I brought you some roses,
I thought we've grown love each other , everything was set,
Until one day.......

......I found her with another guy in my bed tonight,
Biting pillows,
Making noises under head light,
Never been so hurt , destroyed and replaceable,
Your highly incapable,
Of seeing you as forgivable,
Shredded the tears of betrayal,
With the red skies pouring down,
Set myself on fire and slipped and fell in hell,
Now I see those skies here,
I couldn't be more proud,
I told the devil make me an agent,
To ruin relationships,
But of course always,
Its just a punishment..

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