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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Keep Killing Blacks"

By Arcassin Burnham

Picking us off one by one....

Treyvon never got to have a son,
The federals laughing in our face,
They Think they won,
Two Arizona's but I only need one,
And ya had they life taken by just a gun,
For my fellow black people,
And for the hateful people painting the world with blood,
This wouldn't be a sequel,
Like fuck!?!
We still no longer equal,
Why y'all gotta be so evil,
Can't you just leave us in shambles,
But y'all just wanna know what's real,
So instead of protect and serve,
Y'all wanna just wanna judge and kill,
Should I take a stand?
I will,
Are they plotting?,
Get folkes like us to squeal,
I mist of what's to come,
It maybe trouble our futures,
No young black kid should die like that,
Or be on the run,
Like their framing middle schoolers,
Ferguson was no exception,
Now the fed will learn they lesson,
We tired of loosing the ones we love,
Because of their descriptions,
We just wanna live,
To the fullest on fleek,
But if this bullshit keep happening,
We will no longer be free,
And thats real.

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