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Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Strobe Evening" (Full Mastered Version)

"Strobe Evening"
By Arcassin Burnham

she wont mind,
she wont mind,
shooting from ceiling,
i aint trying to catch no feelings,
im just looking for,
someone to give me a good feeling,
attending to care people,
waiting outside the party,
im just too chill and you perfectly willing,
she wont mind,
but the parties and the shows,
i can not bare,
i think i need an open dose,
of how beautiful when she stares,
their just overthere waiting for me to get embarrassed,
but you are here because of me,
and the people attending to care duh!
she wont mind,
careless thought of commitment,
and look at how the bright lights are,
didnt get the message when you sunt it,
maybe that was a start,

In the blue sky ,
You see a moon,
Thinking of the day you die,
Hopefully no eternal doom,
She won't mind.

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