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Monday, August 18, 2014

"Depressed Midnite Lover"

"Depressed Midnite Lover"
By Arcassin B

following the game of chess,
and got my queen knocked off,
i mean was an exact replica,
with the one that i was sailing off,
to the pacific of being alone,
or maybe when you were younger,
bet you knew that id be gone,
take a chance and fight in the danger zone,
I'm good with computers,
viruses in the brain of a drone,
on her parents living room roof,
remembering i use to let her look at the moon,
telling her mother,
ill be there with you soon,
and soon came when she ended up in the emergency room,
car crash,
truck almost crushed her,
life on a machine isn't right,
making it pure torture,
but until it flatlined,
she had a special place in heaven,
crying all my sorrows away,
funeral day came listening to the reverend,
you got your wish right away.

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