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Saturday, August 30, 2014


By Arcassin Burnham

pretty girl,
with so much regret,
it makes you feel such great pain,
cheering her up would be the best way,
when shes haunted by the upperclass,
i just want to be the one,
to make sure ,
that her life,
will be fluttered by happiness,
and joy,
to be comfortable with her body,
and her health,
we've been in the same boat,
too many times,
and i dont have a reason not to love her,
i couldnt be more sure,
in my life,
i use to be the same way,
when i thought noone loved me,
but i was strong on my own,
so i distant that memory,
and now im in love once again,
with a girl im trying to put good spirits in,
and when she goes away,
hard not to cry again,
when she tells that noone cares,
i smile and say i do,
and i do,
but not just care,
its more like love,
they wouldnt dare,
mess me up,
from what i want,
and what i want is her,
no matter how far we are,
i know shes there,
half across the earth,
if i had a wish,
it would be next to her.

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