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Saturday, November 9, 2013

"World According To Her"

"The wORLD aCCORDING to Her"
by ARCassin B

use to see her alot in school,
her hair looked really cool,
blue streaks like the sky,
i could barely move,
to many of the doubts i had to face with you,
learn about your backgrounds,
or not make myself look a fool,
but she was like girl at bar and the golden stool,
please god,
i hope im not a tool.
from trying to persue you,
make you my boo,

those words that teens say ,
when they feel a special way,
facebook chatting,
so i add you anyway,
you and your beautiful face,
heart pounding , filled with embrace,
i could tell,
but the world according to her,
was like a bat out of hell,
or maybe just not that simple,
if you could read it in pen,
easier than popping pimples,
maybe you'd be the one i'd win.

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