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Sunday, November 10, 2013

01. Collect - "All I Wanted Was You EP"

   01. Collect

by Arcassin Burnham

the only place id rather be,
is right here in your arms,
broke your own heart,
reasemble it with your charms,
i was coming up,
from the bottom,
young boy love struck,
hangin by a highschool collumn,
so your memories i collect,
putting flowers in your hair,
see you as the only emo,
with blushes in your heart as you stare,
i can be the only one you love,
i can be the only one you trust,
heaven and the stars above,
and the man that looks down at us,

very neat , neat , neat,

putting all your hopes aside,
your love is very patient,
want to travel to the other side,
with a scent very radient,
that brings a butterfly ,
back to life,
or did your mother cry,
when you lied ,
putting all you hopes aside,
never let go,
of what love has to offer,
i use to always hate that word,
but when you say it, it only sounds softer,
and ive always lived like this,
swimming when i dont know how,
something that you wouldnt miss,
i really think i love you now,

very , neat , neat , neat

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