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Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Brain Damage (Ft. Destiny Lynn)" (Full Version) - B-R-E-A-K UP / L-O-N-L-E-Y EP may 2014

"Brain DAMAGE" (FT. Destiny Lynn) (full version)

by arcassin b and destiny L

tough as a badger,
heart like a cannibal,
heart stab with a dagger,
but they treat me like an animal,
but for you love,
i cant remember,
thats why im hurling brain damage,
in my memories keeper,
if u want a kiss, your speeaking my language,

Your love was like a song, And I can't believe its gone, I thought we had something, But you said we had nothing, My love for you was bullet proof, But your the one who shot me, And now I'm left with this, Brain damage.***

get you popping like your pores,
or are you just deaf,
it rains while the old man snores,
letting my tears fall down when you left,
i disagree,
i missed you with a broken passion,
if only i could remember,
i have brain damage.

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