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Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Her Lovin Her Pt.1"

                                                       "HeR Lovin Her PT.1"
                                                  by Arcassin Burnham

Started all from a party she went to,
talking to her missing piece in the bathroom,
the one she wanted -
hiding behind the curtains,
her friend acted self contious,
over the guy she couldnt have,
for certain -
only to know , he was flirtin with the girl from the bathroom,
And when she came out the Jealousy struck too soon,

Askin for favors,
just to see her swim,
thinking back , she could have timed it,
dalila was her name,
under water ,  she had the perfect body,
AS they sanqurinize Swim,
I hope im better than,
She thought,
Staring at her,
she sat by her,
writing her address down,
with a black marker,

At her house,
a mile they walk,
only to know she had to wait,
just so her and him can talk,
or was it more than that,
thinkin it was a dream,
that she met her,
but it was so much more than that,
hope shes not playing the slut again
So saw them , as they swam..................TO BE CONTINUED

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