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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Gone Out Of Having Hatred Blood"

                                      "Gone Out Of Having Hatred Blood"
                                               by Arcassin Burnham

she said i cant love this long,
she kept my pictures,
layin in ha bed,
head strong,
my hate lingers,
look at us now,
hate would run deep,
you use to talk so sweet,
now you rescent me,
i dont wanna love you in the dark,
i cant love you in the sun,
i cant love you this long,
the leaves still fall as long as im around,
autumn , she calls for me,
even know im still not coming down,
flush me,
and ill drown,
cause i dont know how to swim,
i my face will hit the ground,
1000 years,
if your with him,
and i hate that.

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