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Friday, June 28, 2013

"Back To You" (FULL VERSION)


                                        "BACK TO YOU" (Full Version)
                                  BY ARCSSIN BURNHAM

Came here,
with a basket full of dreams,
i dont belong here,
with all these different sibblings,
and while i vast in my depression,
let the devil keep me down,
i gave jesus a call,
to see if he still around,
when my mom was pregnaut with my brother,
my job was to be a big brother,
it was one or the other,
so i put on a cover,
like i didnt care,
i was sin in disguise,
if the love was still there,
i wouldnt wanna have to die,

girl friend,
almost like the virgin mary,
but just dont let the devil take her,
where is my compass,
i got my options,
she was the lucky one to have,
red eyes,
but she had an evil laugh,
and a bowl full of sins,
and a plate full of greed,
she was the one i didnt need,
i'll get back to you.

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