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Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Im Single (Its Not Fair)"

                                                                "Im Single (Its Not Fair)"
                                                            BY  ARCASSIN BURNHAM

thought you were the one,
had no choise but ifi did,
i wouldnt replace you,
but you put this on urself,
we could have been in love,
but you have to see i wanted your happiness,
my last relationships were alwaysa mess,
but you just give me options,
and ur so serious like all the time,
rich and im poor ,
roads to the single life,
i have no choise to just wait there,
to see what happens,
is it right or is it left,
heaven or hell,
i try to make it right,
sometimes i say its not fair,
why does god do me this justice,
im i not worthy to love,
oh yeah nevermind im still a non-believer,
happy that single again,
no pressure
no pressure,
no love.

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