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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Emotic Love" (THIRD SINGLE) from the new LP "THE U-N-B-O-R-N KISS"

                                                        "E - M - O - T - I - C  L O V E"
                                                                      (Third Single)

Everyone is in your way,
trying to destroy your dignity,

you try to play it safe,
but instead you wasted you energy,

you came to school,
with that same dull expression,

write what every you can,
just to get through a lesson,

write on your facebook,
just to tell you hi,

every bit of love in my text,
as you sigh,

finding what you look for in a guy,
you say that its me,

but the fact of your racist parents,
you try not to hurt me,

but after stoping from trying to destroy myself,
u never stoped loving me,

stop talking to you for awhile,
you got so much to see for yourself,
use to cut myself over you,
For clarity.

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