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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"If Thats What You Want"

                                                        "If Thats What YOU Want"
                                            BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

I hate making you cry,
and i just want you back.
this dark would be lonley,
if you hadnt said that,
the signs are all gone,
i didnt wanna hurt you,
i hate ur love at first,
but now i finally trust you,
its dark in the day,
run to the light in the night,
cloud 9 is just 8 clouds away,
with you i dont wanna fight
i hate seeing your tears,
but your tears give energy,
wanna grow old with you and have a couple of beers,
move to hawaii and change our identity,
and what about family,
im not having kids from noone else,
babe i wont complain,
or id rather try choose the choise about your health,
but with you i jus wanna take away the pain,
if thats what you want,
i can love u right,
i know sometimes i put on a front,
nomure will we fight.

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