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Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Hawaii"- (THE ASHIA EP)

                     by arcassin burnham

shes as beautiful as trees,
in my mind , like the mid 90's
too many bird flying,
athounsand words , their scilent,
paradise away from evryone,
that put us down,
lucky for my family,
they'd be glad that i wasnt around,
i wish we could run away there, livin our life,
kiss your face,
as moon touches the skylight,
making love,
until we come across a conclusion,
have a boy or a girl,
maybe that would be the resolution,
then change yourname,
lets do ashia burnham,
we could stay the same if yoou want,
or swim in the abyss  with the water coming down in stands,
of hawaii.

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