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Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Alexis Pt.2"


                                                              "Alexis Pt.2"
                            by Arcassin B

that night she told me,
she didnt wanna see me go,
i had feelings in my head,
that strongly fell in love with her,
i didnt know,
she made it hard for me to cope,
i loved her face,
and the way it rained on riverrside,
hopin to get a piece of the attention,
i had to decide,
Me and her resulting the same background,

Dont bring me down like the rest,
already have a weakness that im facing,
so people stoped and checked,
hated the sight of everyone else,
that i fai;ed to talk,
to you and mama D ,
away, i walked,

I Need Her.

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