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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Ascend To You"



                                                          "Ascend To YOU"
                                     by arcassin burnham

or just a myth.
seems real than you,
are you reason,
that created me,
This creature hates happy times,
leave me alone,
go away,
Hateful as the birth of sin,
So-called jesus died for them,
so far from where we came,
so a careless person like me,
would stay the same,
leave me to question you on that subject,
But i think maybewe should get on another one,
Flowers grow because of the sun,
water to creat watermelons,
whos fault
was that,
is heaven real,
hateful or not,
will he take me,
I guess ill stay with his alter ego,
nonono ,
But i heard he was bad news,
no conrtol of you,
no mistakes with you,
But all i blame is you,
hopin one day , i dont,
Maybe ill Ascend to you.

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