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Friday, December 7, 2012

"OXOXO (Happy)"

                                                       "OXOXO (Happy)"
                               BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

And noone really needs it,
Hugs IS Hugs,
but noone really dose it,

but we could count the stars
and everything,
kiss and make-up,
now im all up close in your face,

Hate is Hate,
but isnt anyone stoping it,
we come , Face to Face,
and still you say you just want it,

LOVE, is what you dont want,
dishing out the fun things,
but when it comes to love,
its like something that she would think but just wont do,

if shes happy,
theres no turning back,
i try to find myself then make a dream
and get back on track.

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