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Friday, December 14, 2012

"GLOW" (Full Version)

                                                      "GLOW" (Full Version)
                                    BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

were the only thing to creat a love,
light, to show that jesus was born,
that glow on gods face,
oh what a feeling,
oh what a feeling,
oh what a feeling,

twinkle in your eyes,
word to the wise,
Her looks leave you paralyzed,
Therfore you will be hypnotized,
by the twinkle in her eyes,
I love the way you have that GLOW,
i swore you seemed suprised,

ended as a perfect story,
i would've had the tha glory,
i love the sacrifise that you are making when your worthy,
but i want to protect you,
float up to the sky,
dont have to be afraid,
i just wanna love you.

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