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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Rain on Me" (Full Version)

                                             "RAIN on ME"(Full Version)
                                           BY ARCASSIN BURNHAM

full pages in her notebook,
i cant make you love me if you wont,
but making all your poems come to life was all it took,
if you dont,
first i made it happen,
in that part when stars sing to ya,
cupid is aiming from your heart not attacking it,
all i wanna do is bring happiness to ya,

in the mist of everything,
poetry's a givin,
if i used it to your avantage,
would you give me your lovin,
skin as soft
as a velvet cat,
adventurous like laura croft,
but we dont all know what to do with that,

i love you like theres noone else in this world,
hopin that the trust we share,
dont end up in a twirl,
or havin mixed emotions about a boy or a girl
i left you at that note,
please rain on me girl,

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