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Sunday, July 23, 2017

"Too Late To Get Her Back"

"Too Late To Get Her Back"
By Arcassin Burnham

The moon looks nice and the stars gleam bright
just as young as the night,
like the angels that appear in front of a fight,
for the wrong things in this cruel world that we spite,
rush the wind off a bike,
when a boy loves a girl he gives his all,
Every man in the world don't have bad tendencies,
Like a stand-up or a missed call,
and now the girl you had thinks you cheated while you stand tall,
head high,
love the person you are so you laugh and say bye,
tears fall down as she runs then she sighs,
if you think you were asshole then,
you trying be compassionate is a nice damn try,
now why'd you let her go? all she did was argue with her mother
in a broken home with an abusive step-dad in a ghetto neighborhood
where taxes break everybody down, nothing ever happens but shootings
up in the south zone,
did you dismiss all the bruises that her step-dad was giving her?
how about the time when her mother drove her to school
and did coke in the parking lot like it was okay for her,
Everybody knows your a cheater,
so what you got to hide besides the gonorrhea that you transmit to
every girl you had sex with,
Boy I'm glad she didn't catch it,
thinking , that if she did you were gonna catch an ass whooping.

"Please Don't leave her with someone she doesn't recognize".

- Arcassin B.

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