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Saturday, July 1, 2017

20 EP (Official)

20 EP

By Arcassin Burnham

1. I've Been

I've been... tracing fingertips along my braids and handing
Out a bunch of hate to those that wanna see me fail,
Thinking about the days I use to get kicked out my mothers 
House and did not want to be caught in that hell.


2. As Will I

I leave you to your past objections ridiculing me into
a suicidal loser with no family behind him seeing all
That he is, I have no problem with this,
Several events In my life no matter if it was kiss or
A fist,
I got no patience for this,
Denials making me pissed,
If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Acropolis,
And I don't have a lot of money only a couple of cents,
And all the people in my life compared to me has no more sense,

*Pray for me of course*,
*As Will I for you*,
*not enough wealth in this world to subdue*.
*just believe in me as I will for you*.


3. Soaked Up Blood / Wolfe

As I grow I see a change in everybody asserting their
Status or the toughness in a bad place of the area they
Live in bringing ignorance to those and myself with
Out of touch feelings and mindless composition of
Being the abnormal ones in this situation therefore 
Bringing the conclusion of a bad man in distress of
Dealing with obstacles and finding shortcuts to easier 
routes out of bad situations that they go through on a daily 
basis for being **Black** and in **America**,
Theres blood soaked up in the carpet.


Like a thief,
In the night,
You come to me like I have all the answers,
Maybe I'm going about this all wrong,
The wings grew from you , but my hair was shedding,
I loved the sight,
Of beauty taking flight,
Your blood runs with an empty freezer,
I got my opinions about the wicked moon, God owns the sky,
It's not like we could fly , to a heaven filled with pizza boxes 
And videogames,
Wait ! Maybe that would come in handy,
I free the beast knowing I need peace in my heart,
Don't want blasphemy,
I was on the edge of the Apocalypse with this love,
And this trust ,
I hope when I turn back , I will turn to dust.


4. Riding To The Place

Give me all your love and all affection,
As tasty as the temptation may seem, 
it might be a little overbearing,
i don't see it,
Hoping God will get these images out of my 
head so I can live in peace with no more depression,
Like cups of kerosene,
burning your insides ,
feel the swelling,
Feeling your soul just take a ride to an holy place in
Time and when time runs out then what do you do?
What you decide next is clearly always up to you,
Cause I'm judging a simpleton,
I'm not judging at all,
Wrap up your feelings in a game of pool and
Strike a cueball,
Get right with him before you do anything else
In the world,
Not for your family or friends,
Or even your girl,
But I just Savior the moment cause religions pretty
Every time we use this word they think it's the
Drug some of us tote.

5. 11 / Flytrap

Nothing but a dream,
Nothing is what it seemed,
Nothing but a dream,
Nothing is what it seemed,
Nothing but a dream,
Nothing is what it seemed,
Nothing but a dream,
Nothing is what it seemed,
I could find eleven more reasons,
Just to call this life,
And sometimes people die for no reason,
Must have been personal,
But nothing's what it seems,
(Nothing's what it seems)
This is hardly a dream,
Reality hurts me,
It's not obsolete.


If you learn about yourself claiming
Laying in chocolate covered roses
Waiting on the world to follow,
Losing everlasting relationships and 
Overlooking different realms,
I am me ,
Entering a matrix not from this world,
Where the planes crash everyday
and The guardians don't keep watch,
Learning of all its teaching and guiding 
You through your bad fantasies, 
One less reason to not die and leave without Speaking,
Touching, Loving, Feeling isolated,
Don't get caught.

"Life ain't complicated".

- Arcassin B.

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