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Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Live , Die , Repeat" (ft. Chloe Zafonte , Wolf Spirit , SE Reimer , SoulSurvivor , Mr. Zeal , Brando Marcellini , Icy Sky , IrieSide , soulfulcyanide , Dr. Strange , and Wendy Ronshausen)

"Live ,Die , Repeat"  (ft. Chloe Zafonte , Wolf Spirit , SE Reimer , SoulSurvivor , Mr. Zeal , Brando Marcellini , Icy Sky , IrieSide , soulfulcyanide , Dr. Strange , and Wendy Ronshausen)

By Arcassin , Chloe , Wolf, SE , soul , zeal , Brando , icy , irie , soulful , strange , and wendy


Not Even I,
a mere human being with limitations and
Wants and needs to stay away from the business 
suits that only want the greed and the finer things
Distributing cigarettes to these young kids is what
Nobody else needs,
To live in this wickedness , you'll see,
Where does the tax payers money go?
Learning all of the secrets that rely on history to
Keep us up and about with drugs that we use on
Our day to day schedules for whatever contingency
planned for,
No sign of a Grail to be explored,

Remembering those who have lost their lives in
The wars that gave us the hope and chance we
Needed to make America great proceeding to give
The freedom of speech a new motive behind it,
That's why I write everyday to keep the demons inside,
Senseless killing in America makes my stomach turn in
Ways that I could not fathom dreaming that I could believe
What lies ahead won't be pretty for us,
I guess that I'm delirious,
Pray for Orlando
When judgment day comes , I hope he cares for us.

**CZ** (Chorus)

*Every struggle in life we are built to fight*
*we know that in the end there will be that light*


i'm appalled with the world the way it is
our politicians carry on with the same old biz
protecting the rich, taking from the poor
usurping the world , like our cheap little whore

our city streets are in disrepair
the infrastructure is in a terrible tear
no education, no social equality
and the bill is payed by you and me.......

we're gonna need a bigger boat
to keep this broken thing afloat
don't preach me your democracy
your lies, you vain hypocrisy

give the people back their right
we're mad and ready for a fight
to take away all of your riches
and shitcan all you sons of bitches.

**SE R**

we need an epiphany
a salvation re-orientation,
for will our judgement be
only what we thought?
or is hell what we perpetuate
on soil, on man, in greed, in hate?
we live as if to win is gain,
while poor lay dying,
shows our shame;
we live as if ‘tis loss to weep,
yet this the joy we each should seek…
in loving well the least of these,
to show in smallest ways,
a lighted path to those who’ve strayed
offer hope to any castaway;
might we in doing bring
heaven to this earthly scene?
for is not earth our heaven’s womb,
a battlefield, a testing place?
is not our call to light the dark,
and take our place among the stars?

**CZ** (Chorus)

*Every struggle in life we are built to fight*
*we know that in the end there will be that light*


Who is there minding the store? 
We can't keep up anymore 
All the news that we now see
Internet and our TV
Tell tales off horror 
Tales of woe
How much farther will it go?
Let's be real! Can we talk?
'Bout a thing called 
Cause this is true... and it is hairy 
What's down the pike
Is downright SCARY! 
Politicians deal & flirt
Don't matter if they wear a skirt!
Go to Georgia and you'll see
What is set up for you and me
There's some stones 
upon that land
Telling all that they have planned 


While they put on a great show
Underground is where they'll go
Let 'em go and live like trolls 
Jesus Christ is in CONTROL. 

Please consider this my friends 
Everything will have to END. 
Forget your prejudice and pride 
You don't want to be on
Make a turn. Make a start.
Ask the Savior in your HEART!
Then I'll tell you what's in store 



Something fishy in the air what happen to the black one?
I didn't see the fall until I saw Washington..
Women starting to vote and monkeys are still in the zoo?
In the 1950s they called black people apes but now I'm seeing that it's you..
Sense when did money made you feel like going for president?
"We the People" naa more like the congress are voting for you.
I think it's scam so I turn it to the kardashians,
There I find a better democratic presidential view ...why...cause she looks better lying about Mexicans,


There is no one at the other end of your string and paper cup telephone prayers There is no monumental, unconditional love awaiting you between or beyond the stars There is no concern for you in the imagined patterns of the stars, Nor do they carry a plan or reason for the crashing of waves, torrent funnel winds or the malice of men There is no promised land, no reward, no heaven when you take that final step.

But you do have the power of whispers in your fellow mankind’s ear It IS YOU that carry the ability for immeasurable, inconceivable love It is us who write the plan, who give our lives reason and meaning through it all THIS life, this gift of witness IS your reward, your heaven as you wish.

The tragedies have NEVER stopped. The killing, the senseless violence, the hunger of insatiable wrath………. But nor has birth of life in many forms. In dawn, in spring, in hope. We aware, true to ourselves in dismissing of ego stand strong and confident as the Ying, the light, the counter balance........


Sorrow fills this world to it's rim,
Fathers abusing mothers,
abandoning children,
Mother's cry out in pain,
little ones run in fear....
why is this world in such despair?
Born to love, born to hate, to judge, to accept...
though this concept is hard for some,
we live in this world, just hoping to survive,
Coming to the point where you never know
where love and hate draw the line.

Why do parents fight, and the kids are the ones who suffer?
Why do we make war, to find peace?
Innocent people cut down in their prime,
by those who find happiness in other's misery.
From mothers and fathers whose sons and daughter were
wrongly taken from them,
To those who are punished for being human...
Life as we know it, is going to hell.

Trust, hope, security, love, and respect for humanity
is quickly dying... The future, no longer ours to control.
From bullying to rape, to murder and suicide, Society is no more.... We pray for things to change... for it's now out of our hands,


Movement of time collides 
with tear drop melody 
*darkened angel*
to final day symphony:

gun blasts in homeland
enter familiar flesh- 
different tongues conceal
common threads that makes us

wounded souls call for God 
in bomb dimpled lands- 
far from American eyed reach 
and inside

amidst spiritual sands 

Treading with foot print patterns 
around rock’s pure holiness
meditating in temples 
laden in gold tributes

seeking truth’s distant comfort 

guns blast in homelands 
families wonder why- 

pain embraces consciousness 
dripping hints of salvation 
into thick Iron pools 
of Christ’s calling 

red horse not so distant 
seven seals awakening 
run back to one 
it’s time to find love 

**CZ** (Chorus)

*Every struggle in life we are built to fight*
*we know that in the end there will be that light*


How old is the world? 
Old enough to ruin the existance of 1000 suns
Old enough to show you what society is made of
Old enough to had withstood the apocalypse and blood shed of the technology, oil , and war on terrorism...
The world is now ruin
Perhaps I should start fron the beginning
When it was human, animalistic, with plants that existed
To understand this..
We use all the resources and save none for the next generation
We contemplate the singularity of humanism
Only using electricity to say we are wealthy
Kill animals so harshly
Murdering outselves to show the superiority of the race of humans
Killing the world in which we live...
Getting deeper in to our stupidity
We solidify a type of money
Useless, smelly, germy, filled with hate
The money most people need and yet only few gave
The mentality is simple honestly
Don't give but take
No empathy just fake
Because thats how you make it
The tragedy in "third world country"
The ignorance in those who dont update their ios 7
The forgiveness in African mutiny
And the showing of bullshit economy
The people had rights they told you
The people had freedom they told you
The people had justice they told you
Until the the world went to shambles when they actually figured out they had a right to seek and destroy a government....they had the right to seek and destroy a crippled foundation for it was seeking to destroy them,


They came in guns blazing 
With no warning
Just the sound of hell raging in ones ears 
So many screams then there was nothing 
As the first soul was vanquished from its flesh and bones 
Painting a blood mural upon the once white walls 
Bodies floated down the crimson river as they cried their final tears 
One girl prayed to her gods hoping to deliver one final message to her son 
He was two and was soon to be motherless 
Another young lad was seventeen 
So prideful yet so scared as he curled in a ball screaming for his mommy 
"I don't want to die" was their last comment,


Tragedy in life arises at birth Does not cease until Life comes to an end We cannot teach peace With one another Mostly because we do not Agree on religion It seems a bit simple And quite concise All we need to do for peace Is love one another And treat each other right 
Tragedy always starts out In a human mind beautifully Equivalent to Eve's Desire for the fruit of Truth upon the tree.

**CZ** (Chorus)

*Every struggle in life we are built to fight*
*we know that in the end there will be that light*.

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