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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

ARCASSIN'S Harmful Mix Pt.6

ARCASSIN'S Harmful Mix Pt.6


By Arcassin Burnham

Fire burns,
My titles earned,
I'm complicated,
I'm crawling in my own filth,
I'm unemployed,
And uneducated,
I feel as though god has let me 
down on an abandoned scale,
I feel as though more and more enemies
Start to prevail,
Not knowing what's coming as i walked 
Through the Valley,
Of diamonds is what I call them as I round
up a rally,
My own magical world where bad people
Can't taunt us,
Where holidays are celebrated right and the
Queen will trust us,
I wish that I could be as inspiring as you are,
I wish I could tell kids that if you believe you
Could do something then dream it to the best
Of your ability.

"Happy Place"

By Arcassin Burnham

I wish I could escape to a place full of human
Subjects that don't symbolize evil for your
Twisted crimes in gaining the upper hand,
I Don't fully understand,
I'm lost for words,
Where's the trust in myself if that is the plan,

I wish I could escape to a place where there
Aren't any politics explaining what their 
Gonna do and never do to make this world
Not buying it see you later,
I got my own problems,
That's why I'm fit to write it on paper,

I wish I could escape to a place that isn't
Filled with the lies and secrecy , that's very
Common in this life today while heavy at
The steak,
Forget all the masquerades,
I'm powerful in this day in age
Now I'm dress to see another day.
There is no happy place.

"Born Into"

By Arcassin Burnham

....And we toss and we turn,
We live and we learn,
We pray then forgive,
We crash and we burn,
We consume all the flames then we all emerge,
We cry and we weep,
Have strength we were weak,
The broken can all be fixed if they only just believe,
Produce and conceive,
Life blows through the trees,
To have to much of the birds and the bees and when in
Pain we've been given the notion to bleed,
We just scream.

"Mountain High"

By Arcassin Burnham

Sending signals to the center of my brain
While it's in a trance , it hasn't woken up from its
Royal comma leaking out the only good 
Memories I have to be a better version of me,
Had to make a few trips around streets , over the granite
Hills and under the country side bridge,
Only the gates of diamond valley holds the key with
Promises we make and all the lives we take to get this
We'll search and most definitely define what is
Out there in the stars,
There's no mountain high enough to start a conversation
With our Lord and Savior,
Put together pieces of a generation leading towards the
Break of misguided labor.

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