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Friday, May 20, 2016

"Wouldn't You Like To Know"

"Wouldn't You Like To Know"

By Arcassin Burnham

Perfect As you are, your the epitome
Of my existence and the flower that grows from my
Dome invading all my space courageously giving me
The upper hand to be your man in all this filth,
In all this rage,
In this wicked world , your my girl,
You might as well get use to it,
Abusing it,
Like prescription drugs,
Slow and vague as a slug,
Enquiry number of hugs,
I'll give you all the love that you need relentlessly
Claiming that you are mine and shouting to the world
That you're the one that has captured my body , my mind
And my soul,
Inside the space of my arms,
Your the one that I'd hold,
When I don't tell you my secrets then you thinks that it's cold,
She said "what are you afraid of" I said "wouldn't you like to know",
If you wanna feel yourself again just wiggle your toe,
Theres no choices in this life for us to make time go slow,
I have everything to live for , don't need a bone to throw,
If you wanna move to this place or this place then we'll go,
Pulling apart puzzle pieces of being a strong minded human being
Erasing things of the past then end up telling all your frienemies lacking
Discipline  and grace as you try to hold it together but it gets
Hard at times to wonder where you'll end up eventually,
I know no one will ever be into me,
And I've been fine with that since a pre-teen,
I got style and grace and creativity,
You're lacking all of the things that you seem to be.

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