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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"The Luxury (R.I.P Amy Joyner)"

"The Luxury"
R.I.P Amy Joyner ❤

By Arcassin Burnham

Praying for the sick and the weak to be discreet and find
Passionate feelings then release into an abyss so deep
You can not find your feet,

I know your being hug and kissed by fellow angels
And loved ones,
Scratching your head for you are on the other side
Of what life intended for us to go if we're saved,
But baby girl you're blessed for even a soul thats not astray,
I feel that the Lord has you in his arms just getting
You use to the luxury that is as beautiful as you,
I don't know why they did this to you,
Vendetta's will be dealt with but For now I'm sorry
For what happened to you,
Should have happened a different way , yeah thats true,
We find peace knowing your with him when the
Days are through,
I but pray for everything  that you are,
Your family , your friends,
You were considered a star,
From Florida to Baltimore , we know your not too far.
 We'll miss you Amy ❤

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