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Sunday, March 22, 2015

"That'll make your ass happy"

By Arcassin Burnham,

Your voice seemed timid as your shadow burns,
Cleaning out the very corners of your mind,
Restoring bad memories,
From Lakes of alkaline,
It wasn't in your mother's intentions to leave you at another family doorstep,
Stealing women's purses
slow and steadily you crepted,
Smoking weed in the backyard , was peer pressure your first step?
Maybe not,
Maybe you just had a mind set of doing so,
Taking a walk down memory lane with this,
Embarrassing moments can't feel any pain with this,
And your new found parents always feel some kind of shame to this because their daughter just keep doing things that no one will pay the price to watch and sit,
Depression kicks in and all the other girls at your school wanna piece of what your mind possess,
No time for questionable sins or overdue suicide whoever thought you'd be the one to get the greed no one would have ever guessed,
Trouble maker but you were a good girl,
Avoiding all the feelings of your ex's as hard as you can girl,
Love was not an option,
But sex was everything, virginity taken away at the age of 12 , from moms abusive boyfriend,
Before adoption on which she calls the move,
Your 19 now,
So there's no time for childish actions,
And feelings for feeling cruel,
Life is too short to go out with the girls and sniff and shoot,
Do something that'll make your ass happy,
And be you.

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