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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

16. New Family - [The Right Way]

By Arcassin Burnham

sitting back in my studies,
i guess im home,
old girl,
tried to see me when i wasnt home,
talking slang to others in the parking lot,
they get suspicious when they see the up and coming cops,
federals taking cousins,
dieing in the fear of needing a sense of guilt,
glad there were no guns blasting,
no clarity in the media when he was killed,
born into an unfair life,
like hitting the club full of stowaways
or prostitution all over the streets,
or maybe your uncle shooting drugs in an abandoned place,
guess they were right,
when they said the best things in life were free,
20 got Facebook,
Trying to sneak,
Dont go in the cave,
And dont wake the bears,
Flesh overly tears,
With claws and teeth,
If you mess with his New Family.

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