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Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Making Sure" (30 Days Til July Saga)

"Making Sure"
By Arcassin Burnham

i don't wanna ever let go of the dreams that you and me have,
seeing you cry brings me so much sorrow and hell on your behave,
simply making sure of the light that you conjure up in your hands,
standing here naked and afraid , just take me if you can,

*and i hope that its enough*,
*i'm looking up*,
*to paradise*,*that's built for us*,
*in an uproar*,
*too many stars*,
*if we ever break*,*then its pretty far*,
*did you forget blake*,*or sean*,*or ethan*,
*They said they loved you*,*they didn't mean it*,
*i'll always be here*,*til your existence*,
*is nothing more*,*than messy ditches*,
*and i hope this is enough*,
*i'm looking up*,
*i'll be right here with you babe til you say its enough*,
*there is so much stuff*,
*that i want to share*,
*your worth is important*,
*and you know i care but i hope that its enough*. 

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