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Friday, December 4, 2015

"Just Forever" (Full Version)

"Just Forever"

By Arcassin Burnham 

Sitting on the swings, 
We'll be lake house dreaming, 
I cover my face,
Wipe the snot from my nose,
We were young, and it seems,
I put too much faith in you,
Calling my name in the icy garden,
Kissing my lips as if I'd die tomorrow, 
Brushing up against my leg and craving the company, 
If I didn't give you all of my love,
Then I would've been wasting time,
Keep in mind,
The love that you possess
Has been here the whole time,
I've loved you far and wide,
In my varieties and choices to make you happy,
Can't believe you by my side, 
And you say it's just forever,
And sometimes I really try to be yours, 
Of course, 
We'll just let forever take it's course.