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Sunday, July 13, 2014

"When You Were Younger Pt.3"

"When You Were Younger Pt.3"

By Arcassin B And Photography by Makayla Hall

When you were younger,
There would be nights that you cry,
Yourself to sleep cause you can't dream another sight to be seen,
Dark and dark,
Dimmer redeem,
When you were younger,
You just couldn't live without me,
Staring at the old pictures to forget,
Brain surgery,
To keep me lit,
When you were younger
There were lights on all your walls,
Computers decks,
And the photos of the memory when night falls,
When you were younger,
Your mom gave u hell,
While my mom took you in,
Fruits lying around on the table,
Call it a growing sin,
When you were younger,
When we kiss and touch in your bedroom,
but now-a-days you be kissing on another dude,
So now we're older , is this what want,
Leaving dieing memories of me,
Text messages with different fonts,
I found somebody better,
And she's not the jealous type either,
How could you stare in a broken mirror,
Now shatter.

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