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Friday, March 21, 2014

04. At Night - (SPRING BREAK 14 EP)

04. At Night
by Arcassin B

i wonder what it looks like,
with moon glaring off of it,
the ocean,
couldnt forgive us tonight,
with the glowing waves it sends,

whales sing in the moonlight song,
til the break of dawn,
and when it opens it cracks,
then we have something to stand apond,
swindling your heart,
with one of my poems,
til its dawn,
the glowing waves,
will never be apart,
and if apart,
will be the start,
of something bad,
like a natural disaster,
happening over and over again,
like the same beat of a drum,
more like sizzle part,
its not for fate of heart,
from the stories you told,
i figure its time to touch the waves that glow.

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