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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Tara 3"

"TARA Pt.3"
by Arcassin Burnham

i wish we could have handled things alittle differently,
preferently for you to be friends,
but it was kosher how we met,
but i didnt think it would end,
be glad if i said i love you,
as i slightly pretend,
separated distant virtue,
trying to tie up loose ends,
but i do,
i do,
i do love you,
you had feelings for another,
hard to get over,
making all your sacrifices
clash together,
its a turn-over,
hoping we could get through,
the hardships that come along,
i really do,
i really do love,
i really do love you,
even if i think of her,
i think of you,
just like water , earth , stars,
the moon,
i wish that we could see it through.
i really do,
love you,
i'll keep this up all day,
if i have to,
i really do love you,
No obsession,
i just really wanting to be with you,
i really do,

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