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Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Christmas Lights On The Wall"

"Christmas Lights On The Wall"
by Arcassin Burnham

italian lover did i give a good love life,
something you could fight for,
but didnt try,
thought you was someone i adore
today you left me for another,
crashing in my own regret,
reminise  about days and others,
at the time keeping my life in check,
walking to her house all the way from school,
careless faults would doubt her,
i would miss her kisses,
if the sex didn't sprout into a flower,
regret everything,
i was young and foolish,
remember everything as clear as day,
still regret i lost it,
christmas light on her wall,
and a bundle full of pictures,
memories stuck to the wall,
and til this day i still hate her.

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